"Chasing Summer"




Orchestrated for a small Caribbean Jazz combo, his brand new book Chasing Summer features 10 more original tunes in a variety of genres.  Complete with backing tracks, the book provides lead sheet style notation, so pannists and other instrumentalists can learn, perform and arrange Cote’s tunes with their own spin. 



When I started playing steel pan, I didn’t like the concept of backing tracks, but I didn’t really know how to play steel pan well enough to leave the tracks behind.  Just like anything, study hard, practice hard, and after locking myself in a room for 6 months with the instrument, a Brazilian style guitarist joined me on my first gig sans-tracks.   It opened up a lot of doors and got me further away from the “standard Caribbean repertoire.”  My focus changed, and melodies started pouring out of my brain.  Needless to say, original melodies didn’t come with a backing track library, and I hired a band to learn my material.  Before long my first book “Sea Breeze” consisting of 20 original tunes was published.  As I continued to compose, I had the chance to play more of my music with different bands locally and internationally.   Brad Shores was one of the people who kick-started my interest in steel pan, and without his publications, I wouldn’t have known where to begin.  My goal is to share my musical ideas with steel pannists who are looking for new material, and to provide lead sheet style notation so both pannists and other instrumentalists can learn, perform and arrange my tunes with their own spin.  This music is for you.  Thanks for giving me a chance to share my sonic explorations, and I look forward to hearing your interpretations.  

A new selection of Caribbean Jazz

by Aaron Abrahamson Cote

"Put It Behind You"

Steel Pan Artist, Composer & Educator Aaron Abrahamson Cote’s third original collection "Put It Behind You" features 20 new tunes in Caribbean styles. Charts are arranged with melody & chords in a lead sheet format that is easy for live bands to play. For soloists, each backing track blends drums, bass, and percussion, with a variety of harmony instruments including guitar, organ, marimba, vibraphone, and occasionally, horns.

"Put It Behind You" can be found at Tropical Shores Productions by clicking this link.

"Sea Breeze"




Orchestrated for a small Caribbean Jazz combo, the re-release of Cote's book features 15 original tunes in a variety genres!  The book comes complete with lead sheet style notation, and a CD of professionally recorded backing tracks performed by a live band. 

All songs composed by Aaron Abrahamson Cote

Steel Pan, Percussion & Drum Set: Aaron Abrahamson Cote
Piano by Joe Godfrey
Bass by Matt Passeroni
Guitar on "Phantom Pan Man" by Graham Mellor
Guitar/Bass on "Stargazer" by Tom Pasquarelli

Recorded by Jack Renner
Mixed by Graham Mellor

Piano Prepared by Barbara Pease Renner

Cover by Travis Larkin Design

2nd Edition Published by Tropical Shores Productions.

Thanks to Brad Shores, Mallet Man, Hillbridge Music and all who donated to make this project possible. 

"Sea Breeze" can be found at

Tropical Shores Productions by clicking this link.

15 Original Caribbean Jazz Tunes

by Aaron Abrahamson Cote



★ All songs composed, transcribed, produced & performed

by Aaron Abrahamson Cote.


★ Recorded by Ray Gennari at The Rocktorium of Love.


★ Published & Distributed by Tropical Shores Productions. 

Charts & backing tracks available at www.TropicalShores.net.

"Chasing Summer" can be found at Tropical Shores Productions by clicking this link.

"The Panoramic View"

What is The Panoramic View?  There are so many ways to express music.  Percussion has opened doors to education, relationships, and experiences across the globe.  Growing up, my brain craved virtually every genre of music.  Classically trained as a symphonic percussionist, I entered the job force free-lancing in world music and jazz before landing several cruise show band contracts, a cross continental punk-rock tour, and eventually settling into a full time steel pan career.  In general, cultural crossover enriches music, and a touch of Caribbean sound brings vivid energy and positive vibrations to virtually any other genre.  

My quest for Steel Pan music eventually left me starving for my past life as a jazz drummer. Composing jazz turns the “factory” setting off in my brain after pushing hard to complete Caribbean repertoire. Leading a 5 piece jazz combo at a monthly gig, I took the opportunity to premiere new original tunes every month until we had enough material to do an all-original performance. This collection recycles and adapts the jazz tunes back into Caribbean styles. 

"The Panoramic View" can be found at Tropical Shores Productions by clicking this link. 


Cote's fifth collection picks up on previous publications riddled with tributes to friends, mentors, family members, colleagues, and of course, his wife.  This collection is a continued effort to give additional credit to people for their inspiration and impact on the composer's life.  The book is a dedication to the people who have made a difference in the lives of others on a daily basis or in a fleeting moment.  


"Dedications" can be found at Tropical Shores Productions by clicking this link. 


Despite losing a plethora of performance opportunities as a casualty to the global pandemic in 2020, Steel Pannist & composer Aaron Abrahamson Cote spent his time hard at work, digging into composition, and often drawing on his Caribbean experiences for musical inspiration. Cote’s sixth original collection, “Joyful Noise,” features 20 of these brand-new island style tunes. Charts are arranged with melody & chords in a lead sheet format that is easy for live bands to play. For soloists, each backing track blends bass, drums, and percussion, with a variety of harmony instruments to create a full band sound. Following your practice with the backing tracks, you are encouraged to get together with friends and play the tunes without the backing tracks! Interpret, arrange, and experiment with them. Join in with the rest of creation in making a “joyful noise,” - a term which defines the spirit behind this collection! These songs were created to help you create and meditate through music!

"Joyful Noise" can be found at Tropical Shores Productions by clicking this link.

Released in conjunction with SongsOfScripture.org.

"Caribbean Christmas"

We're Sorry to Inform You this Collection is OUT OF PRINT

Upon request from steel pannists around the world, Aaron combined forces once again with Tropical Shores Productions to share island versions of holidays tunes in his newest publication, Caribbean Christmas!  Complete with 20 unique play-along tracks, this collection creates a simultaneously blend of high energy fun and laid back relaxation that will sonically transport you to a tropical vacation.


Whether you say Feliz Navidad, Mele Kalikimaka or Merry Christmas, we hope learning these classics on Steel Pan will brighten your holiday spirits!  OUT OF PRINT.

Cote's Complete Collection

of Original Music

Cote recently compiled a full PDF of his pieces in lead sheets.  Ranging from beginning to advanced levels, these 100+ tunes come with 55 Bb transpositions and individual parts where applicable.  Styles range from modal jazz to bebop, Latin and island music.  This collection is made available for your enjoyment. Performances, live videos and recordings, arrangements, and interpretations are encouraged as long as the composer is credited.  This book is available free of charge and, unlike Cote's other collections, does NOT come with audio.  Aaron Abrahamson Cote maintains full copyright and ownership of the material.  He is simply happy to share his musical ideas.  Have fun!  

Newly added: "Songs of Scripture" collection from www.SongsOfScripture.org.

While this download is absolutely FREE in an effort to spread the joy of music, donations are accepted through Venmo or PayPal @CotePercussion. 

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Updated May 17, 2022